What we do

Leading shipboard nav and comms systems integrator

MES is a leading independent shipboard navigation and communications systems integrator supplying and installing electronic packages for new ship building projects in the specialist naval and offshore market segments. MES also provides complex retrofit solutions such as major bridge upgrades on existing ships. Based in the UK but working in shipyards all over the world, MES will help you ensure that your project achieves technical, operational and legislative compliancy with a best value for money approach.

MES can benefit the shipyard by taking all of the integration risk for the equipment package, and MES can advise on the most suitable equipment in the marketplace for the ship owner’s operational needs.

MES has an enviable track record of consistently good project management, system planning and on site installation work leading to fewer commissioning and warranty issues.  This has led us in turn to have an excellent working relationship with many of the leading marine electronic equipment manufacturers, and major customers such as UK MoD, BAE Systems, GE Energy and Babcock Marine.