Le Samuel Beckett, OPV for the Irish Naval Service

“The Le Samuel Beckett is the first ship of class for a series of three 90m OPV’s built by Babcock Marine Appledore for the Irish Naval Service.  MES was contracted to provide an extensive electronics suite including the navigation bridge outfit, the operational communications outfit, the internal communications outfit and the electro optical fire control system.

The integrated navigation system includes Kelvin Hughes X band and S band radars and ECDIS, a Raytheon Anschutz compass system incorporating a MINS 4000 ring laser gyrocompass,  a Standard 22 standard compass and Raytheon’s satellite compass all integrated and controlled by the MES multifunction display architecture which includes our bespoke conning and display system.  Significant development work also went into a software configurable integrated internal communications and military communications matrix to provide the bridge with highly flexible communications enabling 9 headset operators to access all intercom and radio voice circuits at a flick of a switch.  This system uses commercial off the shelf products designed primarily for the media broadcast industry and offers significant costs savings over systems designed for the military sector yet integrates seamlessly with military radios.

MES also provided the GE Seafire tracking and fire control system providing control and prediction for the Oto Melara 76mm main armament. The system employs the latest electro optical sensors and image processing techniques to enable simultaneous detection and tracking of multiple targets.  The system was integrated with the S band radar and on board CCTV surveillance and recording system (also provided by MES).”