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Communications are vital in modern ships whether they are merchant ships,
warships or coastguard vessels.

MES meets the needs of the Coastguard, OPV, Auxiliary and Patrol Vessel market by providing bespoke communications systems solutions at an affordable price using commercial off the shelf equipment where we can, and military equipment to meet the more demanding secure communications environment.

MES has been supplying merchant ship communications for over 30 years.    MES installed Europe’s very first newbuild GMDSS sea area A3 compliant radio station onto the LPG carrier TARQUIN GLEN.
Operational Communications

A typical military communications outfit for a minor war vessel or coastguard vessel will comprise tactical V/UHF and MF/HF transceivers linked via cryptographic equipment and possibly an intercom communications matrix to enable operators to communicate on their chosen circuit via voice or data from key positions such as bridge, operations room or flight deck.  We will consult closely with the shipyard and the end customer to provide robust, affordable solutions tailored to their needs.

Civil Communications

The typical MES civil communications package will incorporate a radiostation which meets the requirements of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).  Sometimes the systems are tailored to better enable the vessel to conduct SAR operations.  Other elements of the civil communications system will be Satcom (e.g. Inmarsat, Iridium or VSAT terminals) and mobile telephone, both of which will be integrated to the ships internal communications system.