Products - Internal Communications & Crew Entertainment

 Usual Scope of Communications - Crew Entertainment & CCTV

In order to design an internal communications system for a warship or offshore support vessel it is important to have an understanding of how the vessel is manned and operates.  There is a tendency to base the internal communications matrix on a compartment by compartment basis.  However, it is people not compartments that need to communicate...  Our design process takes particular account of who needs to talk to who and what about.  For example, at action stations, the level of criticality might dictate a simple robust point to point communication substation rather that a sophisticated feature rich substation that might be difficult to operate.

Usual Scope of Communications

The typical MES communications package will incorporate systems such as main broadcast, telephone, damage control communications, gunnery and conning intercoms as well as wireless communications.  Usually there will be integration to the external communications subsystem via a voice matrix to enable operators to talk to the other units.

Currently, the demand for VOIP (Voice over IP) systems in on the increase and MES will be happy to discuss the benefits of this technology on ships.

Crew Entertainment & CCTV

These systems often fall within the internal communications scope and MES can supply Sat TV systems, TV on demand, SRE and CCTV systems, again tailored to meet the individual ship requirements.