RFA Argus

RFA Argus latest RFA to receive MES gyro and gyro distribution system.

During the 2013/2014 refit MES replaced the dual NCS-1 outfit and Ships Compass Transmission System (SCTS) with modern Fibre Optic Gyros and a bespoke distribution unit to replicate legacy synchro interfaces whilst also adding a NMEA distribution capability. The MES distribution unit provides a variety of synchro output formats and incorporates a closed loop synchro test facility developed from the MES Navigation Distribution and Conning System (NDACS) graphical User Interface (GUI). Similar interface conversion technology* was also used to facilitate integration between other third party combat system equipment. This upgrade follows on from similar Gyro and Gyro Distribution System replacements on the RFA Fort Austin and RFA Fort Rosalie. Within this refit MES also provided a combined Doppler and EM log outfit and a master clock system to provide a coherent time reference for the sophisticated hospital equipment onboard the vessel. All of this new equipment was operational prior to RFA Argus deploying to Sierra Leone in support of the fight against the Ebola Outbreak in 2015. Following the return of RFA Argus from this deployment, MES were called in to investigate improving the hanger communications and managed to diagnose and rectify issues in the original third party installation during the initial survey.

*MES has provided various interface conversion/distribution units to 11 RFA vessels in recent years, some as Urgent Operational Requirements (UORs).